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Kingdom Spoilers & RAW Chapter 662

CH# 661

Translation by Yunhwayteriyaki: After gaining control of Juuko, Wei started their invasion of Han in order to expand their territory to the west

On the other hand, Qin started to focus all their forces on Zhao, since they didn't have to worry about getting attacked by Wei

The soldiers that were stationed near Wei have all returned and started to participate in Zhao frontline

Qin's plan was to take down Kantan in 3 years and bring Zhao to its knees

After hearing about the Qin-Wei alliance, Zhao reinforced their forces and the frontline between Qin and Zhao became a fierce battlefield

In this long stretched stalemate, there were 2 armies in Qin, who were showing great offensiveness

The first was Gakuka Army

Zhao forces who were facing Gakuka army were losing repeatedly and the zhao general is surprised at how strong Gakuka army is

He says, "H

How is this possible

We did get our information about Gakuka army from Shukai plains

Although it's true that Mouten did become a general and the size of their army got bigger, this is just

they are way too stronger than us!" General Mouten is seen giving commands to various forces

His talent really bloomed after becoming a general and directing 10,000 soldiers

And there was another reason why Gakuka army was able to evolve

And that was due to Lieutenant Aisen, who was recently transferred from Moubu's army

Unlike his appearance, he was a battle fanatic and the might of his forces were great

Due to this new addition, Gakuka Army finally got their hands on martial might, which was the only thing that has been missing in the army

Another army that was winning was Gyouku Hou Army

Just like Mouten, Ouhon also became a general and the fact that he had 10,000 soldiers under him enabled him to use various strategies and tactics, which made his army much sharper

And there was a strong addition to Gyouku Hou Army as well

That was Akakin, who transferred from Akou army along with 3k soldiers

Akakin ignored Ouhon's commands and decides to go deeper, to which Ouhon says to leave him alone, since he performs better when he has certain degree of freedom

Kanjou says that Gyouku Hou Army is strong enough to become part of the main force in Ousen Army

And they will only get stronger from here on out

The stalemate started to break due to these two armies and Zhao had no choice but to keep send reinforcements to face them

However, there was the one and only force in Qin who was getting pushed back by Zhao: The Hi Shin Army

Karyoten says she knows why they are struggling and Suugen says he is sorry

Shin tells him don't be sorry and Ten says that she knew the infantry wasn't strong so we trained them well, but she didn't think it would be this bad

Shin says that it can't be helped, since that shows just how big the hole is after the death of Shousa

So Sui says no matter what they say about war, the main offense still lies within the infantry unit, who got the highest number of soldiers

If this continues, they will just keep struggling

Denyuu says it looks like the difference in strength between them and Gakuka army, Gyouku Hou army will get bigger

En thinks helping the young soldiers grow more will be the key to increasing the power of the infantry unit, but Bihei says that is expecting too much from them, when they are already fighting hard enough

Suugen calls himself pathetic and says that he didn't know Shousa was working so hard in several area without Suugen knowing

He says he had no idea he was getting this much help from Shousa

Garo says nothing will change even if you talk about someone who is already dead

Furthermore, he says unless there is a monster like help coming into the infantry unit, their problems won't be solved right away

It will take time

However, there is another reason why they are struggling so much on top of the infantry unit, and that is Kyoukai

She has been in sleeping state ever since she helped Shin in shukai plains

Even if we fight, she stays at the headquarters

Because of this, the kyokai unit just became a regular 5k squad

That is huge for the Hi Shin Army

Shin says he knows and that he will go meet Kyoukai

Kyoukai asks Shin why he is here and Shin says he is here to check on her

Shin grabs her hand and she asks why are you grabbing my hand

Shin says he wanted to make sure if she was actually alive and he did it because of what she said before about sharing one's life force through holding hands

Shin asks what is going on and kyoukai says it's not a big deal and she just needs little more time

Shin gets frustrated and tells her that she isn't okay because of what she did for him

Kyokai says, "yes, some nerves that were vital for the flow of chi has been severed because I used the forbidden technique on you

By doing deep meditations, I'm fixing them now

It will be over soon

Although I feel sorry for bringing harm to our army by doing this, this is the fastest way

" Shin asks her if she will be back to normal just like how she was before and Kyoukai tells him maybe

Shin says, "Kyoukai!" and Kyoukai replies, "I was kidding

" Shin says, "Please be back

" Kyoukai replies, "Leave it to me

I will

be back to normal

" Shin finds her response untrustworthy

A soldiers reports to Shin that the enemy has started moving and Ten wants Shin to come back to the headquarters

Kyoukai tries to get up saying she will also go, but Shin tells her to rest up and come back as soon as possible

Kyoukai starts meditating and she says she is almost there, but then sees a huge figure that wakes her up from meditation and she asks, "Wh

What was that just now?"

No break next week.

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CH# 661
Kingdom Spoilers & RAW Chapter 662

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